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Snowpaws Journey ch. 15 by Snowflame123465 Snowpaws Journey ch. 15 by Snowflame123465

Snowpaws Journey ch. 15 by Snowflame123465

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Ginger waited for the two cats to finish eating. When they were done the orange tabby cat came up to Ginger, Jake, and Opal. "Hi. I'm Chief. Admiral has told me one of you is coming with me to the lake. Who is it?" Chief asked. Ginger stepped up to her. "I am. My names Ginger" Ginger told Chief. "Have you learnt to hunt and fight yet?" Chief asked the kit. "Yes, my parents taught me" Ginger replied to Chief. "Good, we will be needing those skills as we travel to the lake." Chief told Ginger then hopped up to the top of the barn and looked out the opening. Outside the sun had set and the moon was shimmering. It was a half moon. The stars glimmered in the clear night sky all around. Ginger hopped up with Chief. "Will you be staying with me at the lake?" Ginger asked her. Chief looked at the kit. "No. I will take you to a hill over looking the lake and you'll find your own way to your clan." Chief explained to the young cat. "You will probably be 6 moons old when you get there and if the clans let you in you will start your apprenticeship" Chief informed the cat. "Ok. What will I do if they don't let me in?" Ginger asked, wondering how'd she would get back home if she wasn't accepted. "You will go back to that hill that I took you too. Then go to the barn close by. I will b there for a moon before I come back here. If you aren't accepted I will take you back when that moon is over." Chief answered. "Ok Chief" Ginger said and hopped down off the area and went to her parents. She then curled up with them and went to sleep.
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"As long as I got my diamond pick and spade, I can mine a-a-a- anything"

to the tune of suit and tie :3

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